Thursday, June 10, 2010


As we organize, reorganize, or gather things for our 72 hour kits we first need to have a place to put them and something to put them in.


When choosing where to store your 72 hour kits think of a spot that is easily accessible and as close as possible to an exit. A coat closet near a door for example.


There is not one right answer when it comes to choosing a container to store your 72 hour kits in. Some options include a bin or a backpack or a duffel bag. You could start off using an older bag or backpack that you already have on hand, and then upgrade it to something else over time. Something is always better than nothing. There are a few things to keep in mind however, when you are shopping for a bag or container. It needs to be portable. Each family member should be able to carry their own container (with relative ease). Backpacks with wheels might be a good choice for children or anyone else who might struggle with carrying the weight of another type of bag or bin. A larger hiking type of backpack might be a good choice for a strong adult, especially if they need to carry extra supplies for babies or pets. If possible choose something water resistant.

What are you storing your 72 hour kits in? Do you have any questions or advice for others on the subject? Have you come across a great deal? If so please share it here in a comment. THANKS!

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