Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pearl Necklace Tutorial

Step 1 - Take the stretchy wire and a jump ring and tie one knot really tight.
Next add a tiny drop of clear fingernail polish on the knot while holding it tight and let dry for a few seconds.  Next add more more knot pulled tight.
Step 2-  Add all your beads starting with silver and ending with the silver. Then repeat step 1 with the other jump ring and knots.   Let the clear fingernail polish dry for about 15 minutes before cutting your elastic wire with nail clippers or scissors.
 Step 3 - Add your ribbon through the jump ring until it is evenly placed.
 Step 4 - Take the ribbon and tie a knot about 1 inch from the jump ring. Repeat this with the ribbon on the other jump ring.
 Yay!! It's complete

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